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The Holidays

Dear Friends,

I’m so very sorry I haven’t posted recently. As many of you can relate, the holiday are especially difficult times. The memories, the hard times with family come up and my anxiety raises a little. I’ve been able to keep it in check lately and had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my boyfriend, brother, at my aunt and uncle’s home. It was low key and my family seemed to like my boyfriend.

My mind keeps going back to where I was and the abuse I was enduring last year. I know I’m out of that situation and my life is so much better, but I still feel a little jump in my chest.

Some tips I’ve learned from my current therapy program which have helped me stay steady:

Distractions–This is something you have already been doing I’m sure. Doing something to distract yourself from a distressing situation like watching funny television or reading a book, doing a hobby or helping others. Currently I am watching the IT Crowd for the first time and loving it!

Something else you can do is an activity which elicits the opposite emotion. This can be an action, imagery meditations or just meditations. Even reading a note from a loved one. This takes being mindful of your current emotions and seeing the positives of changing the feelings you are having. Not wanting to stew in them, or let them ruminate.

Mindfulness–being mindful whether it is in meditating, taking a walk, being one mindful in an action (being fulling in the flow of what you are doing), this can be pantimount in living in the moment, enjoying the moment, and not allowing your mind to take you back to when times were harder.

List out all the good things in your life: This one has been invaluable to me. Many days a week I make a list of good things in my life, and things that I may have missed that are really good if I wasn’t trying to focus on the good. So in conclusion, here is my list for today, and if any of you need to talk or a hand making it through the holidays, I am here for you.

The Good Things:

  • I have a car now!
  • My car is completely paid off!
  • I’ve been at my job for almost a full year, my anniversary day at my job is Dec. 17th!
  • I am doing well at my job.
  • I am lucky enough to work for a company where I can really help people in need.
  • I can pay all my bills.
  • I have food to eat.
  • My room is fully furnished now!
  • I’m selling my art.
  • I’m following my passions.
  • I’m working on Book 2 in my first series (Book 1 to be published next year!), and working on a second book series!
  • I’m in a relationship where someone loves me for who I am!
  • I have read 31 books this year! One of my favorite past times.
  • My creditors are subdued.
  • I get more followers to my pages everyday!
  • I’m talking to my Dad again.
  • I’ve met my boyfriend’s family and they are lovely.
  • I’ve sent out holiday cards just because I wanted to!

All my Love,

C. Lake

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