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Journal Entry 12/11/2017

I went to work and did my whole shift plus and extra 20 minutes.

I tried out Postmates tonight and I made about $20 in 3 hours before tips. I’m going to try Door Dash too and see how they compare. But tomorrow I starting donating plasma again.

My drawings of late hold a lot of angst. These transitions in my life are getting easier but I still feel a little sad about this job change. I haven’t received the call back, but my background check went through. I guess it will take a few days before they will call me.

I wish movies made me feel the way they used to. I don’t feel like my troubles go away, they come out more prominently. Watching movies alone makes me feel sad. But I feel like doing anything else would make me feel even more lonely.

I’m in limbo, just waiting to know what direction my life will take and preparing for other possibilities.

Life after huge turning points, points of change is challenging. It’s worth it, but does not come short of moments that will test you to the core. I’m holding on. Somehow. Somehow I’m going to make it through all this. It’s just waiting. Waiting for the call to work for a company I respect and sees value in me. A job where I care about what I’ll be doing–something I’m always searching for. I may have found it. I sure hope so.

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