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Being A Woman

Written Nov. 5th, 2015

“Being a woman to me means being able to fight for equality, like the women before me, and to take advantage of what they struggled and gave their lives for. Being a woman means that I can be whatever I want to be because of those fighters, the champions before me.

“Being a woman means helping others along the way to become what they want and who they want to be, or who they really are.
“Being a woman means living authentically in everything I do and fighting the people who would stop me from doing so.
“Being a woman means having the courage to live in a world that has treated you as lessor for so long you still fight that battle.
“Being a woman means you are intelligent and have meaning despite the mansplaining, gender/wage gap, inappropriate comments, sex trafficking, female mutilation, and laws that stop you from going to school, having an abortion, marrying who you want, or selling you as a child bride. It means remembering these things still happen to women all over the world.
“Being a woman means you are ready to protect yourself against the scoundrels who would take advantage of you.
“Being a woman means you’ve probably kept your mouth shut more often than you would have liked.
“Being a woman means stepping up to take care of everyone and everything while still trying to pursue your school/career goals. Being a woman has meant putting myself second to everyone and everything else.
“Being a woman has nothing to do with make up, dresses, or shoes, except that those things are required by society most of the time. They want you to look cute even if you don’t want to uphold the fashion images.
“I know I’m a woman and would rather be a woman than a man; but it’s not a fairy dream of feeling feminine all the time. It’s a battle to matter as something to a world that sees you as a baby factory, to matter as anything but that even if one day you want babies.
“It’s bloody, it’s painful and sometimes I want to quit.
“That is what it has meant for me to be a woman.
“Being a woman is hard, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. “
–C. Lake
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